Study Coordinator

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UCLA Health
June 2, 2021
Los Angeles, California
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Study Coordinator

Work Location
Los Angeles,CA

Job #14792

Work Hours
Variable. Work hours will be approximately 2-12 hrs a week

Employment Type

2-3 years

Salary Range
$23.34 – $27.84 Annual

Posted Date
June 2, 2021

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You can find the cures you know are out there. At UCLA Health, you make it happen as part of a groundbreaking Research team, working to understand hundreds of medical disorders and improving processes for dozens of procedures across the globe.






This position will serve as a Study Coordinator for the Principal Investigator’s Stanford/Pac-12 study entitled “Improving Bone Health and Reducing the Incidence of Bone Stress Injuries in Pac-12 Distance Runners: An Implementation Plan Focusing on Health Promotion, Optimal Fueling, and Changing Culture.” The Study Coordinator will be responsible for but not limited to scheduling all laboratory tests, DXA studies, consents, and communicate with participants for their screenings. You will also assist with data entry, data collection, preparation of proposal documents, and assist the Principal Investigator as needed in the conduct of the study/studies.

This is a 2-3 year part time, limited position that may convert to career.

Dr. Isla Garraway


UCLA has incredible resources and a team science approach. The ability to work with collaborative teams and access the amazing resources around campus is the best part about being at UCLA.



UCLA is very diverse in its personnel as well as its many research fields studied


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