Patient Advocate

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UCLA Health
June 8, 2021
Los Angeles, California
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Patient Advocate

Work Location
Los Angeles,CA

Job #14673

Work Hours
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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$19.49 – $43.73 Hourly

Posted Date
June 8, 2021

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You can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When you join UCLA Health, you’ll be working at an institution that provides leading-edge care to the people of L.A. and throughout the world. We provide our team members with the environment and support to do amazing work, because each and every one of them plays a vital role in our commitment to care.





In-depth knowledge of the Health System organization, processes and resources.  The Patient Advocate should possess enough knowledge to understand and verbalize which ancillary departments should be involved with the resolution of patient problems.

Exceptional critical thing skills to research problems and provide resolutions to patient concerns.  Ability to independently assess quality of care complaints and medical records for the purpose of medical and administrative quality review.  The ability to understand and interpret medical documentation and to discuss care with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals in order to improve the patient experience.

Ability to differentiate between issues that are routine and issues that require escalation to a higher level.  Demonstrated skill writing detailed notes and communications for patient matters, including the ability to summarize findings from various sources.  The candidate will have strong abilities to work in a team environment and build new relationships in order to efficiently assist the patient.

Proven record of project based accomplishments within a multidisciplinary team.  Exceptional work in listening with empathy, caring for individuals, understanding their situation, even when presented from multiple cultures, languages, ages, and experiences.

Clinical experience preferred, but not a must.

Ability to multitask, and respond to competing deadline and requests in a manner that is calm and productive.

Ability to perform all duties and listed above with minimal supervision.



I've been blessed to touch so many lives through my serving. It's a privilege to uplift other employees with words of encouragement and a smile.



The first thing i noticed when i joined the team was how everyone is very welcoming and friendly with supportive management. I did not feel like an outsider.



Once I joined, I knew UCLA Health was THE place to be due to the growth potential and training offered


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