Lab Assistant

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UCLA Health
March 22, 2021
Los Angeles, California
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Researchers adjust VR suit on patient


Lab Assistant


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USLos Angeles, CA
UCLA Title: Lab Assistant III
Job #: 13208
Work Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm
Job Type: career
Duration: Indefinite
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$22.35 – $26.59 Hourly
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Posted Date:
March 19, 2021


You can find the cures you know are out there. At UCLA Health, you make it happen as part of a groundbreaking Research team, working to understand hundreds of medical disorders and improving processes for dozens of procedures across the globe.








QualificationsMust have prior experience in administration.
Must have prior experience and expertise in writing and composition of manuscripts.
Previous experience in or ability to learn human experiments.
Previous experience in or ability to learn small-animal surgery and laboratory techniques.
Ability and willingness to learn new techniques as needed for ongoing and developing projects.
Ability to complete, submit, and obtain approval for animal protocols.
Ability to order supplies, track expenditures for supplies and lab maintenance.
Maintain accurate records of experiments and results both in writing and computerized database.
Ability to work independently on assigned tasks with great organizational skills


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