Ambulatory/Community Pharmacist

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UCLA Health
August 19, 2021
Los Angeles, California
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Ambulatory/Community Pharmacist

Work Location
Los Angeles,CA

Job #16153

Work Hours
M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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$78.58 – $92.05 Hourly

Posted Date
August 19, 2021

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You can make a difference in people’s lives every day. When you join UCLA Health, you’ll be working at an institution that provides leading-edge care to the people of L.A. and throughout the world. We provide our team members with the environment and support to do amazing work, because each and every one of them plays a vital role in our commitment to care.





1. Current California Board of Pharmacy Pharmacist licensure in good standing.
2. PharmD degree.
3. Ability to set priorities, which accurately reflect the relative importance of job responsibilities.
4. Skill to work independently and follow-through on assignments with minimal supervision.
5. Knowledge and ability to understand and interpret current scientific literature.
6.  Effectively communicate orally using appropriate vocabulary and grammar to obtain information, explain policies and procedures, and to persuade others to adopt a specific opinion or action.
7. Knowledge of and ability to perform age specific and disease specific pharmacokinetic calculations.
8.  Knowledge to handle or prepare intravenous admixtures and other sterile products such as intrathecal injections according to acceptable stands of aseptic technique.
9.  Skill in writing articles/monographs/emails, which are concise, coherent, and use appropriate vocabulary and grammar.
10. Proficiency in all aspects of electronic medical record operation, particularly in the interpretation of laboratory and clinical data and physician recommendations necessary to authorize prescription refills.
11. Ability to organize, prioritize, and follow through for multiple patient treatments on an ongoing basis.
12. Ability to provide evidence-based recommendations for symptom management.
13. Ability to accept direction from leadership and act promptly.
14. Demonstrated ability to establish, nurture, and maintain cooperative working relationships with peers, co-workers, health care practitioners, and administrators.
15. Skill in listening perceptively, conveying awareness and responding to patients and visitors with health concerns using tact and discretion.
16. Ability to interact diplomatically and sympathetically with patients, their families, and the public in a high volume, clinical setting.
17. Skill in performing with frequent interruptions and/or distractions including the ability to accept equivocal circumstances and respond to changing priorities and deadlines
18. Ability to maintain confidentiality and to work with sensitive and confidential information using discretion, professionalism, and good judgment
19. Proficient in Care Connect/BEACON order entry system.
20. Ability to operate automobile with appropriate licensure and insurance.



I've been blessed to touch so many lives through my serving. It's a privilege to uplift other employees with words of encouragement and a smile.



The first thing i noticed when i joined the team was how everyone is very welcoming and friendly with supportive management. I did not feel like an outsider.



Once I joined, I knew UCLA Health was THE place to be due to the growth potential and training offered



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